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How'd you find my gallery? 

10 deviants said I came here for the Death Note stuff
4 deviants said I came here for the Marvel stuff
4 deviants said I've been here so long I don't remember how I got here anymore
3 deviants said I just now wandered in from some random thing I clicked on
1 deviant said I came here for the Escaflowne stuff
1 deviant said I came here for the original (!) stuff
No deviants said I came here for the green jello references

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My commission guidelines are also undergoing a massive overhaul...stay tuned. =)

Commission List

1 lineart (ink) for gakusangi
Blue Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ Blue Paid Bar by StampMakerLKJ

Negaman vs Evil Celine (CG color/ink lines) for Brian (no DA)
Blue Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ Blue Paid Bar by StampMakerLKJ

Johnnyschick and Bill (pencil lineart) for johnnyschick
Blue Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ Blue Paid Bar by StampMakerLKJ

Light Yagami, Sebastian Michaelis, Shigure Sohma and a Mudkip interacting with OC Sicero for Sammy-aka-Sicero
(9 chibis, 4 pics of Sisero + other character and 1 pic of Sisero alone; paid, 2 done, 3 left)
Blue Bar 2 by StampMakerLKJ Blue Paid Bar by StampMakerLKJ

1 CG color pic with two characters for General-Kel
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Kiriban List

66,666 Original character pencil line art for Kyori-Hiketsu
Blue Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ

77,777 Matt and Near CG cell color pic for Zelly-Graywords
Blue Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ

The Open-mind Pairing Challenge!

The Open-mind Pairing Challenge is a fanworks challenge created by me. :aww:

The Challenge: To encourage open-mindedness in your romance fanworks (rather than being biased toward one pairing), choose a character and then draw/write them into couple pictures or fanfics with at least five other different characters, one work per pairing.


o Create at least 5 fanworks, one per pairing. You can create more than 5 pictures for one character if you like, or work on 5-pair challenges for more than one character at the same time.

o Works can be fanfiction, fanart, sculpture, cosplay, comics, textile arts--anything that can portray your chosen couples!

o Any fandom goes--anime, tv series, books, or something else, but it has to be a fandom--sorry, no original characters/original stories, the idea is to open the minds of other fans of something you are also a fan of, and to do that it has to be something people have heard of. No offense if you create original works--I do, myself--the Challenge just has a purpose that doesn't relate to them. =)

o Shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, het, canon, alt and even crack pairings are fine. Think outside the box! :thumbsup:

o No crossovers, please--show what variety of pairings your chosen fandom can have!

o If you've just found this, and the challenge is already underway, feel free to jump right in anyway! :w00t:

If you want to join the Challenge: Join our Group! :D

Thank You!

Thank you so much for faving and commenting my work!

I appreciate it--even if you fav and don't comment, even if you comment and don't fav. Knowing that you are out there enjoying the work that I post makes me really happy! :thanks:

And if you watch me, I'm really, really, really thankful. :love: (I'll never pester you to watch me, though! :aww: )

~Threshie :heart:

P.S.: If you fav my work, I will not post thanking you. I may, however, send you unannounced llama badges!
:iconllama3dplz: :iconllama3dplz: :iconllama3dplz: :iconllama3dplz: :iconllama3dplz: :iconllama3dplz: :iconllama3dplz:

Seattle, Job-hunting, Birthday, Comic Books

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 8, 2015, 8:04 AM
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Let It Go - Frozen OST
  • Reading: Marvel drabbles from Tumblr
  • Watching: Longmire
  • Playing: Lego Jurassic World
  • Eating: Figgies & Jammies (organic gluten-free fig newtons
  • Drinking: Coffee

Hi, DA, I'm Still Here :wave:

I just realized how long it's been since my last update. Man does time fly! :faint: Especially when you are between jobs and apartments. More on that below.

The Threshie Has Landed

I've officially been living in Seattle for over a month now. :wow: It's hard to believe it's already been that long, and even longer since I upped and quit my job of three years, left my apartment of two years, and uprooted pretty much my entire life. So far I cannot say that I regret it, although I am missing my boyfriend an awful lot. We're now more of a long-distance relationship. Missing him is the only downside, though, so far. Everything else needed to change. Anyway, I've been on the job hunt since I got here, and so far I've had three interviews, two with the same place. I've had at least six or seven replies to my applications, but some of them were just to tell me that the position had been filled. A couple of others were for jobs over an hour's commute away, so I couldn't really go for them. I'm sure I'll find something good sooner or later. I applied to become a librarian the other day. :D

I'm Older! :la:

Yup--July 6th was my birthday. I'm another year older and, er, wiser? We'll go with that. ^^; Anyway, Washington State has been going through a heck of a heat-wave, so I spent most of said birthday trying not to sweat too much. I did get to visit with my niece, sister and brother, and my boyfriend was sweet enough to send me Steam money for the game I've been drooling over as a birthday present: Lego Jurassic World. :love: Soooo cute. What I really am this year is older and more SPOILED--I got a heap of awesome presents, including a graphic novel about Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange, a neat wrist cuff watch, a new gaming computer (yes, seriously), Lego Jurassic World, A Deadpool T-shirt, Amazon gift cards (that went to buying cheesy B-movies), and the free time to go to my family's 4th of July BBQ gathering without worrying about scheduling it around work. :heart:

Marvel Unlimited

My birthday gift to myself was a year's subscription to Marvel Unlimited, the service where you can read tens of thousands of comic books streaming online anytime. :love: OMG, it makes Marvel's comic book side accessible to me in a way it has never been before. I can read on my phone, tablet, or computer. I'm already getting into reading Daredevil, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Hawkeye. As always, reading comics or manga lets me look at new art styles, which also gives me inspiration to draw more. =)

Kitten :eager:

Shortly after I moved, my parents' cat had kittens. Thus I can take one home with me, once I find someplace over here to be my new home. I originally had my eye on a big orange kitty with blue eyes, but he doesn't seem to like me much. He runs if I try to pet him. I'm considering taking his little brother, who is a lighter creamier orange with grey eyes, instead. All six of the kittens are super cute, and most of them are already spoken for, so it's not like whichever one I don't pick will not have a home. I think the little guy might be the one for me, though. Either way, I need to get a job and an apartment before I can take any kittens home with me. The kitties just turned eight weeks old today. :heart:

Ordered New Glasses :D

They look kind of like Clark Kent's. I kind of look like a female Clark Kent (blue eyes, fair skin, dark hair with a big curl in my bangs), so that isn't necessarily a bad thing. ^^; Anyway, I'm excited for those to show up. I'm using my glasses with last year's prescription still right now, so the new ones should let me see better.

Okay, so I should come clean and admit it--I've been spending a lot of time on Tumblr lately instead of DeviantArt. They are very different types of sites (Tumblr doesn't care much for comments or private messages, they like to reblog other people's work all over and the hits count toward the original like pictures in Groups here do.) I find that my current fandoms, Marvel and Resident Evil, are very active over there. I've always been a "why choose when you can have both?" type when it comes to things like game consoles and web sites, so while I love Tumblr, I'm not leaving DA anytime soon.

If you are on Tumblr, come visit me at ! :w00t: I can never have too many friends here or there. (Be advised, my Tumblr is absolutely overflowing with Marvel and Resident Evil fanworks. Especially Marvel fanworks I love that I'm reblogging. I do post my own work sometimes, but mostly I'm reblogging stuff I love. :heart: )

Steam :love:

I got a new gaming tower PC thanks to my awesome brother (heck of a birthday present), and so Steam games run better than ever on there. :D If you want to friend me on Steam, my name is (of course) threshie on there. :nod:

Artpad #77 Is Nearly Done

Under 10 pages to go! I have a new sketchbook all ready to be turned into Artpad #78, and it's my favorite brand, so I'm excited about this. (#77 is a brand I've never tried before; I got it after my favorite brand was out for months on end.) I'm thinking some mushy romance pictures are in order to fill up those last pages. :nod:

Revisiting Old Fandoms?

I have this idea for a challenge similar to the OMPC, but instead of pairings you revisit and draw characters from old fandoms you used to be really into. Everybody who does fanworks has something like this, right? Some of my oldest fandoms are Gundam Wing, The Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi, and Final Fantasy 7. It would be interesting to go back and draw the cast in my current style, sine back when I was into those I was still learning to draw people at all. I may try it out as an experiment.

Hopes For 2015 Continuing...

Continuing the space what I hope to change this year. Here's how it's going:

Changing jobs:
 CHECK. :boogie: At the moment, my job is to apply for other jobs.
Getting rid of debt:
 My debt's getting pretty small. I just need a job that pays above paycheck-to-paycheck and it'll resolve itself within a year or two.
Getting a cat:
 I have a cat to get, now I need a home to take the cat back to! :eager:
Part-time instead of full-time:
 With now two potential roommates, my finances are more flexible. I'd still rather work full-time and be paid awesomely so my debt goes away, though.
Eating less sugar:
 The hysterical laughter that was posted in this space last time is still applicable.
Drinking kombucha instead of energy drinks:
 Nope, still love my energy drinks. I'm just trying to drink more coffee versus energy drinks instead of kombucha.

Off I Go, Then :huggle:
I hope everybody's doing well out there in DA Land. I haven't posted much art lately because my scanner is packed and in storage, and my new cell phone camera is pretty terrible, but expect new art sometime soon regardless. I'll upload terrible quality "scans" if I must!

~Threshie :heart:



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Fimbulvetrstar Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
eyyyyyyyy i know you from tumblr (i'm sherrybirkn on there c': )

i didn't know you had a dA, but i saw your art and i was like "o hey i know these pictures" xP
Threshie Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, a familiar face! :glomp: Yeah, I've been posting my pictures to both sites at the same time. I have different followers over here, and the messaging system and Journal system are more in-depth than Tumblr. (On the other hand, posting fanfic here is miserable...) Anyway, it's always cool to see other people who have a DA as well. I have been on DA for almost a decade. :giggle:
I love your chibi style, they are so cute. Ready to take my Added to my devWatch! 
Threshie Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, thanks! And thanks for the watch, that's awesome of you! =)
You are very welcome :)
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Thank you! :w00t:
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Thanks for all the favs of my prehistoric pets! :) May I ask how you found my drawings (because I got so many favs today I wonder if they were featured anywhere :?)

And happy birthday :party:
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