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Sorry, I Meant "C*RE Membership" :|

Adding the star in there in text makes "Core" look like profanity. =/ Well, it IS a four-letter word, I guess. :lol: At any rate, hi DA! :wave: As you can see, my DA main page layout has changed somewhat with all of the subscription features disappearing. You know, I don't mind. Sometimes it's nice to go back to the minimal layout and good ol' Deviant green. Really the only things I usually miss are Journal skins, the use of thumbnails, and the ability to create polls. I can live without those.

Life is Rolling Right Along :phew:

I've settled into my new apartment, quit the job I was unhappy with last Journal entry, and gotten hired at a new job that I'm actually excited about. My first day was yesterday, and my new managers seem like really easygoing people. I've also been practicing digital drawing/painting with my tablet a lot, as you guys might have noticed with the Marvel fanart.

Krita Is Still Awesome :heart:

The more I use this program, the more I love it. I don't think I've ever used my Wacom tablet this much. I'm just getting into painted styles instead of regular lines, because the paintbrush brushes in this program look authentic. You can get Krita for free right here on their site:…

Got a Webcam for Christmas! 
That means my YouTube Channel can now have some actual Let's Plays, vlogs and other stuff featuring me on-camera. I'm no expert with my recording software yet, but I look forward to messing around with it. My sister Couy-Chan has a YouTube Channel, too, so she's my go-to person for help with my camera and software. :giggle: She has started Let's Playing horror games recently, which is pretty fun to watch!

Got Lots of Other Awesome Christmas Gifts, Too :faint:
Really, every single gift was awesome. My brother got me Legion (preorder of the latest World of Warcraft expansion), so I have been playing a bit of WoW again. 

Operation Acquire Kitten: Stage 2

(Stage 1 was finding a kitten to adopt. I have chosen one.) Stage 2, bringing the kitty home to live with me, is still waiting on having enough money to pay the pet deposit at my new apartment. Now that I'm employed again, paychecks should start rolling in soon and then I can use some of that to finally bring my kitten to live with me! :w00t: She's living with my parents right now, and she's gorgeous and sweet and once she holds still long enough to let you pet her, she has a great rumbling purr. I'm still trying to think of a name for her. She looks like a Siamese cat with pretty blue eyes. Right now I call her the nickname I thought of when she was tiny: P-kitty, short for "panda kitty" because of her coloring. I'm rambling. ^^; I already love her a lot, as you can tell.

Workity Work Work

Yesterday was my first day of my new job. I go back tomorrow. So far the job and coworkers are nice. The commuting thing is a little weird, as I have to ride the bus to get there (something I have only done alone twice in my life--counting yesterday.) Anyway, I'm just relieved I have a job again so I can pay my part of the rent when it comes around again next month. :phew:

Hopes For 2016

I did this last year, why not this year too? It's good to have goals. Here's how things are going:

Changing jobs:
 DONE! :w00t:
Getting rid of debt:
 Get back to you on this one once I have income rolling in again...
Getting a cat:
 I have the cat, I have the place, I need the money for the deposit to bring her home.
Get a Patreon going:
 I need to pick a project to focus on long-term for this. Considering Graham and Denley or Chibi Zombie.

How's 2016 Treating You So Far?
Hope everybody is doing well out there in DA-land. :hugs:

~Threshie :heart:



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thx for the fav!! :D <3

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Threshie Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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eyyyyyyyy i know you from tumblr (i'm sherrybirkn on there c': )

i didn't know you had a dA, but i saw your art and i was like "o hey i know these pictures" xP
Threshie Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, a familiar face! :glomp: Yeah, I've been posting my pictures to both sites at the same time. I have different followers over here, and the messaging system and Journal system are more in-depth than Tumblr. (On the other hand, posting fanfic here is miserable...) Anyway, it's always cool to see other people who have a DA as well. I have been on DA for almost a decade. :giggle:
I love your chibi style, they are so cute. Ready to take my Added to my devWatch! 
Threshie Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, thanks! And thanks for the watch, that's awesome of you! =)
You are very welcome :)
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