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Jake and Piers by Threshie
Jake and Piers
These two hate each other on sight and bicker constantly in the actual game. Following typical laws of fandom, that means they'd make a great yaoi pairing. :laughing: They certainly look pretty together. It helps that they are pretty in general, especially Piers. D'aww, I love Piers. :heart: It's tough to pair Jake up with anybody else when he's so blatantly smitten with Sherry, but that's what crack fanworks are for, right? ;)

After struggling to get either of them to look like themselves in individual pics, I decided to just draw them with "pretty boys" in mind and see what happened. I wound up with the faces you see here...which sat on the page with no bodies for nearly two months. Last night I spontaneous went back and added the rest of the picture, and I rather like the end result. :giggle:

Anybody else notice Piers is a lefty in the game? =)

Drawn with 0.5mm mechanical pencil. Blue color added in Paint.NET.

Jake Muller/Wesker and Piers Nivans are from Resident Evil 6, and belong to Capcom.
RE + Spidey Dot Chibis by Threshie
RE + Spidey Dot Chibis
The title says it all. Here we have Jake Muller, Sherry Birkin and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 6, along with Spider-Man diving into the picture. :lol:

I'm still amazed Chris actually looks like Chris here. Chibis with stubble are a challenge for me. XD;

Drawn with a Pentel felt marker.

Chris, Sherry and Jake are from the Resident Evil video game series, and belong to Capcom. :D

Spider-Man belongs to Marvel Comics. :nod:
Winter Piers by Threshie
Winter Piers
I decided to try drawing Piers in a cold weather scarf instead of his usual style, got carried away adding along peacoat and outlining the edges, and now I have this picture. :aww:

Drawn with a green Pentel felt marker.

Piers Nivans is from Resident Evil 6, and belongs to Capcom. :w00t:
Shaded Glare by Threshie
Shaded Glare
No idea who this guy is, I just felt like shading something with ink lines one day and he was the unlucky test subject. :lol:

Drawn with three or four different black pens, including a Sharpie Pen for the very fine lines. a very fine point Sharpie Pen.
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Almost Couldn't Find The "New Journal" Button =/

Jeez, I haven't had much to post on DA in the past month so I haven't really visited, and when I get back they changed the site up again! :faint: Not that it's unrecognizable or anything, but squishing my name and message links over to the right side REALLY throws me off. Do not like. ^^; I noticed we now have a running update feed for new pictures, Journals and staus updates (!), like Facebook. Now sure how I feel about that, but it seems very streamlined, I guess. It's a bit annoying to think that my latest Journal will not be posted at the top of the page after I update six pictures at once or something, though. Hmm.

Still Drawing, Just Not Scanning :faint:

Artpad #75 is off to a significant start. I realize it doesn't look like it, though, since my last post here until today was the intro page. I'll try to upload things more regularly. I honestly have not drawn many composed pictures lately; I'e been drawing page after page of portraits as I teach myself to draw the cast for my other recent active fandom besides Marvel--Resident Evil. :love: I have always loved RE, but now that I've tried RPing it, I am making fanworks and having a blast with it.

Halloween's Almost Here! :w00t:

I enjoy Halloween. It means an abundance of chocolate. :la: I can wear a costume to work in the morning if I want, and I have the evening off. I'm not sure I'll be able to go as what I want to be, though; I just don't have any money to buy the materials and make a costume. ^^; I'll probably wear one of my old cosplay outfits or just forget it and go in my usual clothes. Much as I enjoy dressing up, I can't be my Halloween usual at work--a zombie--because it has to be family-friendly and I can't add blood and gore. That's half the fun, LOL.

Open-Mind Pairing Challenge! :eager:

I want to revive the OMPC, and having two active fandoms with heaps of pairing possibilities is the PERECT excuse to draw crackish pairing fanart just because I can. :evillaugh: Anybody care to join me? I think I'll put some names in The Hat and see which pairings come out. :D


I have a Tumblr, I just don't really know what to do with it. Maybe some of you who use Tumblr could give me some pointers. ^^; It seems like it could be a lot of fun over there, and let me post more frequent doodle type bits of artwork that just wouldn't be big enough to post here in my gallery.

Big TV? *Crosses Fingers*

I put a 48-inch TV on layaway last month. I have until the middle of December to pay it off. I'm not sure I will manage it, but it would be such a big change from my little 28-inch TV, especially now that I'm playing a lot more console games these days.

What's Everybody Up To?

What's your biggest project(s) as of late? How's everybody doing here on DA? I spend my whole Journal talking about whatever I'm up to, but I'd love to hear from others! Leave me a comment, even a one-liner, and tell me what you've been up to! :hug:

Well, Off I Go

Just visiting to submit a couple of things and update my Journal has made me want to draw. It's my day off, so I'm gonna go do that right now! :la: Hope everybody's doing well out there in DA-land. 'Tl next time, Threshie over and out. :salute:

~Threshie :heart:



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Mallory York
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Fiction writer, artist, photographer, editor, copywriter, web designer, poet, seamstress, cosplayer...and a bunch of other things. :faint:

Above-all, know that I am friendly and open-minded, and never be afraid to stop by and say hi or ask me any questions! :hug:

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