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Hey-o, I'm Still Around! :wave:

Just realized it's been ages since I updated my DA. :faint: I have been very stressed out lately due to work and money (honestly, mostly money), and haven't drawn many new things to post. That's changed, though--I just got to drawing again this week! :w00t: Which brings me to...

Artpad #74 is Finished!

And Artpad #75 has begun! :evillaugh: I will scan and post both the ending and intro pages as soon as I dig my poor scanner out of the buried dining room table. ^^;

On An Art Phase Again! :boogie:

Anytime I get into a fandom again, I look at lots of fanart. When I look at lots of fanart, I am analyzing style and poses and such automatically. When I analyze a ton of different poses, styles, etc, I get inspired to draw new stuff of my own. Such is the case with my latest active fandom--Resident Evil. Thanks to some RPing, I have lots of ideas for RE, particularly RE6, so expect stuff in my gallery soon featuring the Resident Evil characters.

I am also still very much into Marvel, and new ideas for Marvel fanart have been drifting into my head lately, too. :la: And then there are a couple of original stories I've been drawing the characters for again after a long hiatus (Seeing Red, I'm looking at you!) With all of these characters in mind, art ought to result. :w00t:

World of Warcraft?

I have been thinking about WoW again lately... It doesn't help that the new expansion is coming out soon, nor that my whole family started playing again recently. If I could just get my boyfriend to start playing again, we could go on dungeon runs with full groups and stuff again. I dunno...I know it takes up a lot of time, and I don't feel like I have enough time, but at the same time, it's something I can do with a group of people I don't get to see in-person very often these days. Hmm.

OMPC For Avengers?

Oh, good grief. I'm just gonna admit it--I'm not likely to finish the OMPC with Loki. :facepalm: I do wanna do one with Marvel, though. Maybe this time I'll be smart and pick my own main character, and let the poll decide the pairings. XD; Y'know...when I can afford a sub again so I can have polls. 

Multiplayer Games!

So, lately I've been getting more into playing my console games, specifically PS3 and Xbox 360. Anybody have any suggestions for games to play co-op with somebody else? I know it's slim pickings for actual splitscreen co-op, but online co-op is okay, too. I like post-apoc anything, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, cartoony things, realistic things, steampunk, platformers, racers, shooters, zombies--toss suggestions at me in the comments!

Fall, Glorious Fall :love:

The summer has been a long and sunny one (bleh), but finally the air is getting that chilly edge that signifies Fall. Pumpkin-flavored things are cropping up everywhere, kids are going back to school, Halloween candy is for sale several months too early, etc. Yaaay, Fall. Now if the trees would change to orange and red and we'd get a huge wind and rain and thunder storm, and I had all the time in the world to stay home, put on a huge pot of soup and some coffee, and draw, write or play video games, that would be heavenly. :heart:

Still Learning, Always Learning

I'm so glad I've gotten into a few different fandoms recently, because they're still teaching me art-related things I hadn't learned yet. Between costumed superheroes and Jake Wesker (who has veeeery short shaven hair), my latest challenge artistically has been drawing the shape of the head while bald or with very short hair. Having drawn mostly anime characters with big hair growing up, this isn't something I really practiced much before, so it's great to add another skill to my people-drawing list.

Always humbling to be reminded that there is always something left to learn, and that striving to learn whatever you're struggling with is how you grow as an artist. =) Failing to draw something does not frustrate me--it makes me more determined. I look up reference pictures and I try again. I may sketch ten pages before it finally clicks with me. But I can teach myself to draw anything. Anything. So can you if you're stubborn enough!

A Little Graphic Design Here, a Little Tutoring There

Lately I've been presented with several freelancing opportunities. It's making me seriously consider freelancing full-time again. I miss that flexibility in my schedule, and boy do I miss not having my income garnished for credit debt from a decade ago. :no:

Latest projects I have worked on include designing a sign to display on the big jumbotron (this is a jumbotron, for anybody who's wondering:… ) at a football game, making a small business logo, and creating art for and assembling a hand-drawn book cover with very specific requests for how it should look (that's here:… ). I'm proud that I can flex my creative muscles for work now and again. I wish I could do it full-time. ^^; I have an offer to pay me for tutoring someone in using their tablet and computer, too, which I plan to follow up on. Every little bit counts to help cover my bills. :faint:

Cosplaying Again?

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, because money always makes or breaks whether I can attend a con, but I MAY be cosplaying Caboose from Red vs Blue sometime in the near future. And possibly a redshirt (dress) lady from Star Trek: The Original Series. And maybe something else. We'll see.

Hope Everybody's Doing Well

Sorry I haven't been that present on DA lately. I still log on daily and read messages and look at art, I just haven't had a chance to post anything new of my own in awhile. Soon. :hug: Take care, everyone!

~Threshie :heart:



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Mallory York
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Fiction writer, artist, photographer, editor, copywriter, web designer, poet, seamstress, cosplayer...and a bunch of other things. :faint:

Above-all, know that I am friendly and open-minded, and never be afraid to stop by and say hi or ask me any questions! :hug:

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